Florida Land Group LLC is pleased to offer a variety of helpful information for residential and commercial tenants. Additional information is added on a routine basis.

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Bank Account Payments and Auto-Debit Updates

Use this secure payment form to make an electronic payment on your account or to update your auto-draft payment information. Please allow 3 business days for the change to take effect and indicate any special instructions in the comment portion. Thank you.

Credit Card Payments and Updates

Use this secure payment form to  update the credit card information on your account.  Please allow 3 business days for the change to take effect and indicate any special instructions in the comment portion. Please discuss credit card payments on your account with your FLG representative in advance. Note that routine rent payment methods are …

Emergency Maintenance Requests

Please note the following process to ensure that your emergency repair is handled as efficiently as possible. FLG will be better enabled to handle the issue completely and quickly with the proper information in the proper format. These procedures are only for issues that require immediate attention in order to protect the value of occupant belongings or the …

Florida Finance Group LLC – Website for Sale

The website is available for purchase. Please emaill for more information, or text 407-538-1000. Thank you. Robert

Lake Eola Heights Historic Neighborhood

About Downtown Orlando Historic Properties Lake Eola Heights Historic Neighborhood is one of Orlando’s great neighborhoods that is located right in the heart of the city established official as a US historic neighborhood in January of 1992. While there are several historic neighborhoods in and around Orlando, including Colonialtown,College Park, Delaney Park,  Lake Davis, Lake Lawsona, …

Residential Move-In Information

Emergency – Police, Fire, Medical City of Orlando – Dial 911 Establishing New Utility Service Electric, Sewer, and Garbage: Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC):, 407-423-9018 Garbage (service established automatically when you turn-on electric service): Place black garbage containers on street on Sunday and Wednesday evenings for collection Return from street after collection to avoid City violation Questions: …

Residential Move-Out Checklist

The following procedures are here as a reminder for the conditions necessary to receive your full deposit returned. Cleaning Issues Air Conditioner: be sure that a/c intake grill is dust-free and clean on both sides; thermostat must be left thermostat in OFF position Baseboards, Window Sills, Doors, Door Frames: thoroughly dusted and washed, no stains …

Roommate Application

Most occupants are required to complete the complete residential application here: Complete the application below only if you have been requested to do so by the Lessor. The roommate application fee is $75 and can be paid by bank draft or credit card. See to select the payment option of your choice.  

Routine Maintenance Information and Requests

The following is a list of frequently successful solutions. In many cases, your issue may be solved quickly and easily without having someone come to your home or business. Please take a moment to review these easy solutions for some of our most common maintenance requests. air conditioning: unit stops cooling – if the unit …

Other Services

In addition to residential and commerical sales and leasing, we offer a variety of other real estate service. Please choice an option from the Other Services menu above to continue.

Early Lease Termination Information

Under certain circumstances and with prior Landlord approval, you may be able to terminate your lease early. To begin, be sure that you are willing to agree to all of the following conditions: You are willing and able to locate a qualified potential tenant to rent your unit at the current market rate for a …

Secure Documents

Password-protected, electronically-delivered documents for specific clients.