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4417 E. Colonial Drive | Occupant Information

Here is some important information for occupants at 4417 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32803 (also known as 728 Gear Lake Avenue).

Important Contacts:

General Property Information:

Towing Information – If unauthorized vehicles are in your private parking spaces, please warn the vehicle owner one time by leaving a note on the vehicle. Please note the vehicle license plate number. If the problem occurs a second time, please call the number on the sign and use 9999 as the authorization code to have the vehicle towed.

Irrigation System Details:

  • Meter – there is a separate irrigation meter from Orlando Utilities Commission located on the northeast corner of the property; note, there are 2 water meters one for the building and one for the irrigation
  • Timer – located on the north side of building near air conditioning compressors, review manual
  • Valves – there are 6 solenoid valves located just outside the northeast corner of the building
  • Zones:
    • Zone 1 (red)- north side of building, shrubbery and entrance landscape
    • Zone 2 (white) – west and southwest side of building
    • Zone 3 (blue) – west yard next to property line with 775 Warner building
    • Zone 4 (brown) – north yard on park lake street
    • Zone 5 (yellow) – southeast side of building and southeast parking lot island
    • Zone 6 (orange) – east side of building and southeast yard

Outdoor Lighting:

There are 5 large outdoor light fixtures affixed to the building, 2 on the east side and 2 on the west side. These lights are controlled by photo-cells on the side of each light and turn on and off automatically. These operate with high-pressure sodium bulbs and will operate for approximately 10,000 hours. Replacements are available at

There is one light above the main entrance on the west side of the building that is controlled by photocell as well. There is also a light at the east entrance to the building that is controlled by an interior switch. Both of these use standard light bulbs of 100 watts of less.

Finally there is one large overhead cobra-style light located near the dumpster.
Exterior Paint:

  • Body, including corbels and arch at main front entrance, all doors except main front and rear doors that are in porch areas (east and west sides of building), downspouts, irrigation box and pvc pipe that houses the wire going to the box, all electrical/fuse boxes and conduits, and the trim inside the porch area – WHITE RAISIN, SATIN (Sherwin Williams SW 7685)
  • Trim, including windows, soffit, and building brackets – CUPALA YELLOW, SATIN (SW 7692)
  • Bench and ceiling in west porch rear entrance and fascia, and gutters – CAMELBACK, SEMI-GLOSS (SW 6122)
  • Two Doors (east main and west side in porch areas) – RUSTIC RED, SEMI-GLOSS (SW 7593)

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