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807 – 813 E. Concord | Occupant Information

  • Garage Collection is every Monday and Thursday morning. Please place black garbage carts at curb in the late afternoon or evening on Sunday and Wednesday. Garage is collected on all holidays except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
  • Recycle Collection is every other Friday morning. Please place teal recycling carts at curb on Thursday late afternoon or evening. Recycles are collected on all holiday except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
  • Laundry Center:
    • Located in Garage 2, the state-of-art, energy-efficient laundry center can be accessed with the landlord-provided code using either the side (west-facing) door or Garage Door #2.
    • Machine status can be easily check through the internet at This will tell you which machines are available or how many minutes are remaining if they are in use.
    • Smartphone users should download the WaveRider application. From your mobile device, you can see machine status, your laundry status, as well as start and pay for laundry. For technical support, call 800-332-4835.
    • For service on laundry equipment, contact Aaxon Holdings at
  • Parking:
    • Please advise all guests to park on the street or in your designated parking space to avoid being towed.
    • To tow a car, please text Robert at 407-538-1000 for the password and then call the number on the tow away sign, providing the dispatcher with the password. The car will be towed with 60 minutes.
    • There are 4 garage spaces available. While typically these are provided to the units 811A, 811B, 811C, and 811D, these can be subleased to other tenants. If you desire a garage, or want to save money and forego your garage, simply ask the other 7 occupants if they are interested in working with you.
    • There are 10 off-street parking spaces behind 807 and 809 Concord. These spaces are available for lease. Email to inquiry about pricing and availability.
  • Storage Units: 
    • There are 5 storage units available for lease if desired. Email to inquiry about pricing and availability.

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