Emergency Maintenance Requests

Please note the following process to ensure that your emergency repair is handled as efficiently as possible. FLG will be better enabled to handle the issue completely and quickly with the proper information in the proper format. These procedures are only for issues that require immediate attention in order to protect the value of occupant belongings or the building.

Please do the following:

1. Text or Call:
Text or call the on-call agent at 407-538-1000 (mobile phone) and reference the problem. Texting is the preferred method since it received quicker and can be forwarded directly to the professional that can solve the problem.

2. Email:
Please send an email to info@floridalandgroup.com and provide as much detail as possible regarding the issue, how you think it occurred, how long it has been happening, and what, if anything, you have already done to try and alleviate the problem. This will better enable the property manager to diagnosis the underlying problem accurately and have a greater chance of solving it completely the first time. This email will be sent to the property manager’s mobile device.

3. Response:
You should expect a response within a reasonable amount of time that indicates the problem has been acknowledged and repairs preparations are taking place. Reasonable depends on the type and severity of the problem. In other words, water leaking from a pipe that is under pressure may not be able to wait a few hours or even minutes, but a small roof leak during a thunderstorm may be less of an immediate concern.

4. Authorization:
If you have not received a response in a reasonable amount of time, please contact one of the individuals below in order to prevent further property damage. Please send another email to indicate whom you have contacted to ensure that two different people are not assigned to the same problem. Please use the following individuals:

  • Carmen Cascio (Robert Cascio’s father): 407-716-3850 mobile phone, voice calls only – no text
  • Donny Nillson: 321-228-2892 mobile phone, call or text