Lake Eola Heights Historic Neighborhood

About Downtown Orlando Historic Properties

Lake Eola Heights Historic Neighborhood is one of Orlando’s great neighborhoods that is located right in the heart of the city established official as a US historic neighborhood in January of 1992. While there are several historic neighborhoods in and around Orlando, including Colonialtown,College Park, Delaney Park,  Lake Davis, Lake Lawsona, Park Lake, and Thornton Park, among others, Lake Eola Heights is my preference. As a resident and property owner in the neighborhood since 1993, I highly recommend this historic area for buying or renting for 4 key reasons: (1) walk to Downtown Orlando and Thornton Park grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses; (2) proximity to Interstate 4, Highway 408, Colonial Drive, and Orange Avenue; (3) historically contributing structures and architectural character; and (4) relative stability of value.

Walk to Downtown Orlando and Thornton Park grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses

Once you get home to your house, apartment, condo, or duplex in Lake Eola Heights and park your car, there is no need to use again, assuming of course that you work outside the neighborhood. Within a 15 minutes, you can walk to two different Publix grocery stores (E. Colonial Drive at Shine Avenue and Central Blvd. at Lake Avenue). Walk fast or take a few more minutes and you can arrive at Fresh Market at the corner of Mills Avenue and Nebraska. This is a tremendous convenience. The more often you go to the grocery store, the fresher and healthier your food can be. Instead of once a week, why not go for a walk three or more times a week and just stop in and get fresh produce and other perishables as you consume them.

More than groceries, the Lake Eola Heights area is surrounded by diverse variety of local and national restaurants, all within a 10-minute walk of the neighborhood. What is more relaxing than being able to go for a short stroll and get all different kinds of cuisines, wines, coffees, yogurts, etc. No need to get dressed fancy, search for parking, or worry about valet parking. Beyond this, there are alsoo hundreds of professional offices and convenience businesses that you can easily visit on foot.

Proximity to Interstate 4, Highway 408, Colonial Drive, and Orange Avenue

With a few minutes drive of your home, apartment, or condo in Lake Eola Heights, you can be on 4 major roadways. Regardless of where you work or desire to visit within the metropolitan Orlando area, you can be on the right major highway in just a few short minutes. No gated access entry points or congested points of neighborhood access, most streets in the neighborhood lead right to major roadways and you will be on your way in minutes. Even more, most people travel into Downtown Orlando in the mornings and away from Downtown in the afternoons, so often your are going in the opposite direction of the major of drivers. Don’t make faces at them, just smile and keep up to speed.

Historically contributing structures and architectural character

With properties from as early as the late 1800s, Lake Eola Heights has some of the most interesting and historically significant structures in Florida and even the entire Southeastern US. Both the City of Orlando and the federal government have taken note of the value that historic properties bring to neighborhoods, cities, culture, and tourism and have created many incentives as well as protection systems to ensure that these properties receive the maintenance and attention to continue to exist for generations to come. There are federal taxes incentives, local property tax exemptions, facade grant programs, and an award-winning historic preservation board that all encourage the preservation of these valuable residential and commercial structures.

Relative stability of value

While we have seen major adjustments in real estate values over the last decade or so in the valuation of homes. Nothing can predict the future, but historic values do matter. Most real estate professionals however would agree that properties in the Lake Eola Heights Neighborhood have fared far better than the national average and other Central Florida properties. Why? Value is driven by the perceived benefits of home buyers and apartment renters. Many of these benefits are the exact ones that have been listed on this page.


Whether you are current resident, owning or renting a home or apartment in Lake Eola Heights, or someone that is interested in doing so, thank you for reading this page. Please share it with others that may be interested and please comment on ways to correct or improve this information.


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