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In addition to residential and commerical sales and leasing, we offer a variety of other real estate service.

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Consulting For Real Estate Investing

Consulting Services Do you have questions about your real estate investment portfolio? Do you need a professional financial planner to review your real estate portfolio and offer you unbiased advice about your investments? Would you like to make sure that your investments will meet all of your retirement income needs and still have some money left over …

Property Management Services

Professional property management can increase not only the return on investment, but your property’s value when you sell. If you need full-service management or just help finding a tenant from time to time, call on us. Key Benefits Over 10 years of direct property management experience Extensive knowledge of Florida Landlord Tenant Act Proven results …

Sell Your Property

We think the big check should be made out to the seller at closing, not a real estate company. After all, you are the one that bought the house in the first place. You should reap the rewards. FLG offers you choices when marketing your home or investment property. Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is just one …

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