Residential Move-Out Checklist

The following procedures are here as a reminder for the conditions necessary to receive your full deposit returned.

Cleaning Issues

  • Air Conditioner: be sure that a/c intake grill is dust-free and clean on both sides; thermostat must be left thermostat in OFF position
  • Baseboards, Window Sills, Doors, Door Frames: thoroughly dusted and washed, no stains
  • Bathroom: clean and free of mold, mildew, soap scum or mineral stains; includes toilet, tub, tile, floor, closet, caulking, sink and faucet
  • Blinds: cleaned / dust free / washed, with no stains; leave in down and open position
  • Cabinets, Drawers: completely empty; clean interior and exterior
  • Ceiling Fans / Light Fixtures: clean and dust-free; all light bulbs matching and working
  • Dishwasher inside and outside of unit are clean and free from odors or mineral stains; food trap at the bottom of dishwasher cleaned
  • Floors: vacuumed and mopped well; for wood floors use warm water and a very small amount of vinegar; rinse well; do not apply floor wax
  • Garbage: placed neatly at curb in container for collection
  • Porches, Walkways: clean and dust-free, no mold or mildew
  • Range: ensure burner pans, under burner pans, oven, broiler, oven door, floor under range and area behind range are all completely clean
  • Refrigerator and Freezer: ensure both compartments are completely empty; the interior is washed with baking soda; the exterior, handles, floor underneath, and area behind refrigerator is clean and dust-free; coils on back or bottom of refrigerator dust-free and clean;  leave doors closed and unit plugged in
  • Windows: cleaned and streak free

Other Issues

  • Belongings: ensure removal of ALL personal belongings including hangers, food, canned goods, etc.
  • Business Hours: Be sure that moving activities occur during normal waking hours to minimize the disturbance to existing residents.
  • Damage Notice: email to report any damage to the premises not previously communicated to landlord
  • Keys: be sure to return all keys, including mailbox keys if applicable to Lessor; leave  remote garage-door openers on kitchen counter
  • Security Deposit: As written in the lease, the last month’s rent must be paid in full. Rental deposits are held in a separate, non-interest-bearing Florida account. Email your new mailing address for the return of your deposit.